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AG Spanos announces project in Johnstown

"We know from experience how difficult it can be to get projects approved but Susan’s ability to work with local government in a concensus building manner made the process seamless."

                                   Lex Economou, A.G. Spanos

Marybeth Vaught joins forces with The Stanton Solution

"I am honored that Marybeth has joined forces with The Stanton Solution to bring fast and effective solutions to real estate development challenges", Susan Stanton

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Airport Area Development

With a unique perspective nationally and internationally, The Stanton Solution offers airport clients, airport area developers and communities with the knowledge and experience about how development occurs on and around an airport.  With experience both inside the fence and out, our perspective can balance interests and paint the big picture.

Having been involved in airport development issues, our expertise provides our airport and airport area stakeholders a unique perspective on development, political and airport issues.

Susan Stanton was part of the DIA airport project during construction and served for over a decade on regional issues around the airport.